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Manage all your reviews, request reviews, showcase your great feedback & improve your overall review rating

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Get Positive Reviews, Avoid 1-2 Star Reviews

Send Email, SMS and WhatsApp campaigns that stimulate clients to leave just positive reviews.

Monitor & Reply To Reviews From One Dashboard

Centralise reviews from review platforms to one dashboard. Reply without leaving the platform.

Share Reviews On Websites & Social Media

Share reviews on your websites via widgets or on social media pages via auto-generated posts.

Report The Growth & Distribution Of Reviews

Monitor the growth & the distribution of reviews across integrated platforms with a simple report.

Rank Higher in Google search results with more reviews

A major factor to ranking at the top spot in google search results is quality & quantity of reviews.

Integrate your review sites & manage them all from one spot

Integrate 20+ review platforms into Reviewy. Once your reviews start rolling in you will have a platform to monitor and reply to all of your reviews from the one single dashboard.

Create & share your own dedicated review page to generate reviews

Generate your reviews from this page by sending SMS, Email, Whatsapp or QR code requests! 4+ star reviewers are taken to review your business publicly, 1-3 star reviews are shown a private feedback form. This screen is completely customisable.

Share & showcase your reviews + Track your review analytics

View historical data on how many review requests you have sent (SMS, Emails, Whatsapp), how many reviews you have received, total link clicks & more. We also allow you to share your reviews to social media & create website widgets to show off your amazing reviews.

FAQ's / Your questions, answered

Asked Questions

Our goal is for you to understand our platform inside & out, read our FAQ’s to find out more!

Simple! You are given a dedicated review link which allows you to capture customer reviews. This review link can be sent out through our platform via SMS, Email, Whatsapp or you can print of the QR code and display it anywhere you like.

We also have an inbuilt feature which follows up with any customer that didn’t leave you a review within 3 or 7 days to push them to leave you a review.

Your review link, the link you will be sending to your customers has a star review barrier page. Based on the star rating a customer gives you it will show a private feedback form (1-3 stars) or a page to leave you a public review on any of your integrated accounts (4-5 star reviews).

This allows you to deal with negative feedback internally and showcase your positive feedback across the web!

Yes, absolutely. We have a custom integration feature which allows you to insert the link of the site you would like to get reviews from. Customers that give you a 4-5 star rating will be shown this review option along with any of your other integrations.

You can customise nearly everything! Complete customisation of your review link, logos, social sharing colours to match your branding, features that will be shown on your website widgets and much more!

Of course, one of Googles major ranking factors is reviews. In particular Google reviews but that also take facebook, trust pilot and other review sites into consideration.

If you would like to rank higher in Google, contact us and we can help you plan for this or even help you achieve better rankings! Contact us

Of course, no lock in contracts around here!