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Getting Reviews

Request reviews from your customers, clients, patients and anyone else!

Getting reviews

Reviewy has many tools & features but our most used feature is the Get Reviews page. We have 4 options for getting reviews, sending an SMS request, email request, Whatsapp request and scanning of a QR code and allowing customers to scan the QR code. Let’s run through how to get reviews. You can also upload CSV files to save time. Your CSV file will only need 2 columns, the customers name & contact detail: number, email or Whatsapp number, depending on what sending method you use


Types of review request

SMS = Send an SMS with your name and custom message to request a review
Email = Send a customised email to customers & clients to ask for a review
Whatsapp = Send a whats app message to anyone to ask for a review
QR Code = Print off the QR code, showcase it in your business or restaurant so customers can scan it to leave a review


Sending SMS review requests

The first step to send an SMS request is to add all of your recipients, your recipients will include everyone you have transacted with or provided a service to recently, you can add up to 100 customers at once.
Make sure to add in their name and phone number with their country code.

The next step will be to customise the SMS message.
Firstly you will want to add your business name as the Sender (max 11 characters), then you will want to create a custom message asking for a review, make sure your review link is in this message as this is how the customer will leave you a review. Click save on the template and then you can send your SMS request to your selected recipients


Sending Email review requests

Very much like the SMS request, you will define all of your recipients/customers you want to request a review from, adding in their name and email. You can add up to 100 recipients at one time and make sure to customise your sender name, subject and the message (email body).
Save the template and send your email review request.


Sending Whatsapp review requests

All of our methods are similar for ease of use. Whatsapp is the same. Define the recipients/customers name and whatsapp number, update and complete the custom message and click on “request review”


QR Code review requests

Simply download the QR code, you can then print the QR code onto any design and allow customers to scan the code to leave a review at any time. The QR code method works best for restaurants and cafes as its quite challenging to get all of your patrons contact details to send out a review request via SMS or email.


Editing your request template

Like we have covered above, all review request methods allow you to customise the message when asking for a review. Simply customs the message, make sure you have your review link inside the message, save the template and send out you review request.


Automatic follow ups

Auto follow ups! If you have send out a review request via SMS or email, you have the option to automatically follow up with a customer 3 or 7 days later if they didn’t click your review link.
If a customer ignored your message Reviewy will automatically follow up with the customer to urge them to leave a review. You can also customise the auto follow up message for both the 3 day follow up or 7 day follow up.

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