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Features / Reviewy


The screen to manage and monitor reviews


The main screen to manage and monitor your reviews, all of your integrated review sites will be shown on this screen. View your newest and previous reviews, reply to all of your reviews directly within Reviewy, share directly to your social media accounts, hide certain reviews from your website review widgets and use the given filters to find and monitor any of your reviews.


Replying to reviews

Click on the “Reply” button for any of your reviews to reply directly to these reviews. If the integration supports automatic replying, your reply will be published directly onto the review sites website.
We have two options for replying to reviews.
1. Custom reply = Write your own response
2. AI Reply = Allow AI to generate a detailed reply for you!


Sharing reviews to social media

Want to share your great reviews with your social media followers? Hit the “Share on social” button, edit the social media caption and share away. Learn how to integrate your social platforms and customise your post colours and settings in the widgets & sharing page.


Removing reviews from web widgets

Reviewy gives you multiple widgets to embed directly onto your website you can find out more information on the widgets & sharing page. To hide reviews from your widgets, simply click on the “Remove from Widgets” button.

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