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Widgets & Sharing

Showcase your great reviews on your website or social media

Widgets & Sharing

One of our great features allows you to show off all of your positive feedback, either through 5 different types of widgets you can add to your website or simply by integrating your social accounts a posting positive reviews directly to instagram or facebook.
Choose your branding and styles in both the widgets and sharing and you are set!


Carousel Widget

The carousel widget is a great way to showcase your reviews on your website, with a modern & conventional designs. The carousel shows 3 reviews on desktop & 1 on mobile devices. Users can click left or right through all of you reviews as well as view your overall star ratings and leave a review!


Feed Widget

The feed widget is a simple social feed like widget which showcases your platform ratings and then all of your reviews in a column layout. This design works great on e-commerce websites.


Pop-up Widget

Show your widgets one at a time. Our pop-up widget automatically rolls through all of your reviews one by one, every 20 seconds a new review will pop-up. Great for e-commerce stores.


Badge Widget

Just want to show off your star ratings for your integrated platforms? Install the Badge widget and it will be sticky across all pages you install it on.


Adding widgets to your website

Simply scroll down to the HTML code section, copy all of the code and past it into your website. Contact us if you need any help installing your widgets


Editing and configuring the social sharing settings

Want to share your reviews to social media? Make sure you connect and integrate your social accounts on the “Social” page. You can then go ahead and customise how your social posts are going to look.


Sharing reviews to social media

Once you have integrated your social platforms, simply go to the dashboard, find the review you would like to share and click on “Share on Social”. Select the social platforms you want to share the review to and click “share”

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