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Review Link

Generate positive reviews with Reviewy's unique landing page

Customise the link you send to your customers to get reviews

Review Link

The most important part of Reviewy, this is the link you will be sending to all of your customers, clients, patience to ask for reviews. This is the page that will show users a private feedback form if they click 1-3 stars or show the customer options to leave a public review if they click 4-5 stars. This page is completely customisable to ensure you can keep the link on brand with your business


Review link settings

1. Edit your review link URL.
2. Edit the link preview text. This text will show up in the SMS preview text.
3. Choose whether you want user to be shown a star filter first to determine whether they get shown a private feedback form for 1-3 stars and your public review options for 4-5 stars. Or you can disable this feature to just show reviewers your public review options first.


Customising your review link

Customise your review link to match your business branding and tone of voice.


Editing the evaluation screen

Change your logo and the text the reviewer first sees.


Editing the platform choice screen

Edit the text you display to users that select 4-5 stars and hide/show any of your integrated review sites.


Editing the negative feedback screen

Edit the text you display to users that select 1-3 stars.


Editing the private feedback screen

If you have enabled the “Private Feedback” option in the platform choice screen, you can edit the text displayed to reviewers that select the “Private Feedback” option


Editing the desktop image

When users view your review link on a desktop, you have the option to displayed an image of your business. You can edit and change this image any time you like.

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